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My artist and stage name is StoryTell. But everybody calls me JR, raised by my cousin, an older women and her husband who I called my dad in a nice little house right down the street form the notorious Bowen Home projects in Atlanta. I lived on Church Street and brought up in a two parent stable home with a pit bull dog. I loved that damn dog too...lol! I couldn't read that good so my cousin who raised me made me read books that she ordered through the mail back in them days. She also made me write down words that I had trouble understanding and made me look up the definitions. I hated that so badly, and one day I push that book and dictionary away from my face because I said to myself, "damn this." Guess what though, after my dad whipped my butt real good that day. He had the nerve to say "I love you," them words hurt even more...lol.

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 Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a saint, and I love all my children very much. I just wish I would have waited before being sexually active. Well... I dropped out of school and years later got married and pursued my G.E.D, and basically became an entrepreneur that loves to read, write, and research. And after plenty of school and night club talent shows around metro Atlanta and Dekalb county area years back. I decided to start my own music company that you see here today. Till The End Music, LLC. Owner and Chief Executive Officer!!!
So guess what? I learned how to read and research any person, place, or thing I needed too. That's the skills that they embedded in me for the rest of my life. They both pass away years apart when I was an youngster. Then I moved with my grandmother and biological mother in College Park, Georgia at the age of twelve. This time I wasn't down the street from the projects, I was living in them...lol. To make a long story short, I met plenty of new friends and about two rivals out the bunch. I was doing good in school at first until I had a child at an early age messing with the wrong female that I got pregnant.
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