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​Till The End Music L.L.C, offers our affiliate clients free limited business activities such as. Website satellite & radio e-mail marketing to on-air "disc jockeys"! Only on released track(s) that we wrote on your album or single. 
We're your one stop shop for your important projects. We understand that your time is very valuable and time-consuming. Till The End Music, LLC., focuses on rap/hip-hop songwriting, to give your production a leg up on the competition. If you need any of our rap/hip-hop lyric's real quick, we're just a click away. Remember major hits are written by talented songwriters also. ​Contact us if you are interested in leasing our song lyrics. If you're working on a production that is going to be released commercially. Let's affiliate, publishing deals are on the table for song lyrics! What label do you know of that only focuses on writing lyrics? If you would like to hear our artist songwriting style and lyric flow, click the top (writers page) link above.  
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