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​If you need any new rap/hiphop material for any kind of musical work, please let us know. Our freelance ghostwriter is very talented and skilled in what he does. Our freelance ghostwriter would like to know the story line query of your project. That way the chemistry blends in and produces hot lyrics. Then let your label do what they do best, perform great gold and platinum hits! 
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We are your one stop shop for your important projects. We understand that your time is very valuable and time-consuming. We take every project seriously as if it was our very own. Till The End Music LLC... focuses on freelance ghostwriting, to give your production a leg up on the competition. If you need any of our rap/hiphop songs real quick, or if you would like for us to be apart of the project hands on. That's fine with us, we are just a click away. Our freelance ghostwriter listens to the narrative of your story line to give you that real life emotion an interaction that brings your production to life. ​If you're working on a production that is major or low budget and is being release commercially. Let's affiliate, publishing deals are on the table only! We are a license limited liability company in the state of Georgia. And very professional, contact us for your next project!
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