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 Break in's cost millions of dollars in lost an stolen goods. It could damage your business or even your image. Basicly it could make are break you. My name is Jarvis Richardson, better known as (Security Officer Jay). I'm a security consultant with years of lost prevention, surveillance monitoring, patrolling facilities and unarmed security field training and also CPR/AED certified training. Remember the best offense to a crime is met with a really good defense. We have schools, churches, restaurants, shops and even homes that are subject to criminal activity in our communities. That's where I come in to action as your new consultant to help better your security protection. I'll sit down
 and make new security precautions to help prevent future break in's or even rape in some cases. Let's deter an act of crime from occurring in the future with a security evaluation plan. Send me an e-mail!   
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        "Home and Business break-in's are a                        very big problem in our community, and               sometimes even rape." I'm here to help                deter that from happening! Make sure you            read the (Tips) page.
                                                                           -J. Richardson.     
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